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FastBraces® Accelerated Orthodontics

FastBraces® accelerated orthodontics allow you to straighten your teeth more comfortably and quicker than traditional braces. They work differently than traditional braces do, with advanced technology designed for patient comfort. Tooth extractions aren’t usually needed, they preserve your natural bite, and they typically cost less than traditional braces do. Dr. Scurti is a certified IV sedation dentist. We also offer oral conscious sedation, so you won’t feel any pain! Ask us which option is right for you.

Invisalign fast braces for all ages

Advantages of FastBraces®

FastBraces offer many advantages over traditional braces. If your smile needs moderate to even extreme cosmetic straightening, FastBraces can help! The FastBraces system is over 20 years old, so the technology has been tweaked and proven over the years. Most patients see results within 20 weeks, and the one wire makes it easier to make adjustments. You’ll spend less time in the dental chair, and more time enjoying your straight smile!

Lifelong retention isn’t always needed. Some patients only wear a retainer while they sleep, giving you the freedom to decide when to keep up with your oral health, instead of dealing with it all the time. Not only does this mean less hassle during treatment, but less hassle for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about our payment options don’t hesitate to call us or use the contact form, we’ll help you pick the best one for you!