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The Solea Laser – Innovating Dental Technology

We are proud to announce that Legacy Family Dental has acquired the award winning Solea Laser. The Solea Laser is changing the way dentists perform procedures on both hard and soft tissue by replacing the drill as the primary tool for treatments. This revolutionary technology won the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award.

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Faster and Anesthesia-Free Appointments

The Solea Laser uses computer controls that make dental procedures blood-free and painless. This means that Dr. Scurti will be able to perform treatments on the fly, faster, and with extreme precision. The result is not as many appointments for the same treatment, and the absence of that lingering numbness that sometimes happen with anesthesia.

The Solea Laser is quiet and virtually sensationless as it performs, so your dental experience will be more comfortable and rewarding. Many reasons people put off seeing the dentist is fear of the drill and pain. By proving a procedure that is pain-free or pain-reduced, the Solea Laser means you no longer need to be afraid!

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A New Dental Experience

The Solea Laser has been approved by the FDA and is the first CO2 laser that is cleared for both hard and soft tissue. It cuts down on the amount of tools needed and the computer driven technology results in ultra-precise work.

Your comfort is our top priority, and the new Solea Laser adds an element of convenience to your appointment by making your trip to our office more pleasant and gratifying. Dr. Scurti will be able to perform more treatments with little or no pain and without any anesthesia.

Come experience the new dental revolution!

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